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Local Pickup

Local pickup is an interesting term right now. I think some people think local pickup means they can pick up in Cornelius.

Yes, my store was there but I have no true connection to Cornelius. To be honest Cornelius wasn't "local" to many

of my customers. I have customers all over North and South Carolina. But we called it local pickup, why not.

Let's face it, shipping can be outrageous for the items that are purchased through me. A couple of 9lb batch recipes and all

of the sudden the shipping is $50 plus. A lot of items, we didn't even offer shipping because it was glass or full sacks of grains.

Most home brewers, that I know, don't need to buy 1 item from me. They want fresh consistent products they can 

brew a beer that they can be proud of. That's what we have been pushing to achieve since we started.

Since I live in Taylorsville, NC, we are going to start offering local pickup on the website again. I have been using a local gas station for that and it has worked out well. It's on Hwy 64 between Taylorsville and Hiddenite. This may change but for now its working.


Place an order, select local pickup and I'll be there ready to drop off at the time you select.

I'll offer a 15 minute window in case you hit traffic or just running late. 

After 15 minutes I will leave and you can let me know when the next possible time will be. 

Instead of being open Wed - Sat like I was at the Cornelius store.

We will be available Monday - Friday 10 am - 8 pm. With a 1 hour prep time.

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