This is the upgraded version of our Starter Kit. It has the larger buckets, glass carboy and a few more items to get you ready to brew more than 1 batch at a time. 


Items included in Kit:

Brewing Guide

7.8 Gallon Bucket

7.8 Gallon Bucket with Spigot Hole

Italian Spigot

7.8 Gallon Lid with Grommet

5 Gallon Carboy

#7 Rubber Stopper Drilled

24" Plastic Spoon

3/8" Auto Siphon

3/8" Clip for Auto Siphon

Bottle Capper

144 White Bottle Caps

5/16" Tubing for Auto Siphon


Floating Thermometer

10" Test Tube

Elastic Mesh Bag

3 Piece Airlock

Double Bubble airlock

Adhesive Thermometer


This kit cannot be shipped because of the glass.

Starter Kit III